Revelations SoftwareExport Envelope File

Please contact Revelations Technical Support for additional assistance.

File Export Steps

  1. Open Revelations
  2. Select the Finance module.
  3. Select Envelope Maintenance .
  4. Select Reports . This opens the Print Envelopes window.
  5. Print Envelopes window
    1. Change the Report Type to Merge File .
    2. Set additional selections as required for your use of Revelations:
      • Begin / End Name
      • Begin / End Envelope Number
      • Begin / End Zone
      • Alternate Address
      • Upper Case
      • Sort By : Select Name or Envelope Number
      • Status : choose one Status by clicking it, or multiple Status items by pressing CTRL & clicking each Status.
    3. When you've made all your selections, click Print to open the Report Destination window.
  6. In Report Destination
    1. Select File , enter a file destination and name (to save to a floppy, use A:\filename, where filename is your Monthly Mailing Number )
    2. Set the File Format to Comma-Delimited
    3. Click Replace to create a new file (if the file already exists on the floppy, Append will add the parishioner records to the existing file).
    4. Click OK to create the file on a floppy.


Revelations includes the ability to record the above as a Macro. You can record the Macro one time, and run the Macro each time you need to create a file.

Record a Macro

  1. Click Macro , Macro , Record
  2. In the File Name box, enter NCS.MAC and click Save
  3. Perform steps 2 through 6 above
  4. Click Macro , Macro , Stop Record

Run a Macro

  1. Click Macro, Macro, Play
  2. Click NCS.MAC and click Open
  3. Click OK in the window that opens when the Macro is complete