PDS - VER 17 Export Envelope File

Do first -- Erase old file on disk:

  1. Double click on icon My Computer
  2. Double click on Drive A:
  3. Highlight File name
  4. Click on file, delete, then yes.
  5. Note: If you do not have the My Computer icon, try the following:

    1. Click on Start button
    2. Click on Programs
    3. Click on Windows Explorer
    4. Double click on Drive A:
    5. Highlight File name
    6. Click on file, delete, then yes.


  1. Click the Report tab.
  2. Click the Export tab.
  3. Enter "E" for Envelope Company Export.
  4. Sort data by ID#. You may select to sort on additional fields (Such as: Active, ID# 1-2000, and other fields).
  5. PDS will give the option to customize a printer layout (skip this).
  6. The second layout should be for the envelope company report. Choose National Church Supply and name file with their monthly mailing number.

  7. PDS displays 8 fields that can be edited.
    1. Envelope company name: National Church Supply

    2. Create the file on which drive: A: (puts it to the disk)
    3. Name of the file to create: filename (where filename is your Monthly Mailing number, PDS will default to "DATA" if no filename entered)

    4. Maximum length for name and address: 40
    5. ID/Envelope number range. From: 1 To: 99999
    6. Include member envelopes in file: NO
    7. Use the Mailing name format: YES
    8. Convert to postal format: YES
  8. PDS will create the file and provide a record total.
  9. PDS will ask if you want to preview or print the Envelope Company Report Summary. If mailing your disk to NCS, please print and include it with your disk.

  10. After this is printed get out of PDS and look at file on disk.

To view/edit your file from the diskette:

  1. Double click on icon My Computer
  2. Double click on Drive A:
  3. Double click on File name (order #)
  4. Open with a program (Scroll down to bottom, choose Wordpad, double click on it).
  5. Note: You can erase parishioners while editing this file.

    1. Arrow or scroll down to the beginning of parishioner who you want to erase
    2. While holding the Shift key , press the End key . This will highlight the line of information
    3. Press the Delete key
    4. Click on File, then Save
    5. Save as Text Document if asked "saving in text-only-format"