Logos II SoftwareExport Envelope File

For additional assistance, please contact Logos Technical Support.

File Export Steps

  1. Open Logos II
  2. Select Reports/Labels .
  3. This opens a series of setup windows. Check appropriate settings in each window and click Next . Below are settings to check.
    1. First Window
      1. Mailing Option : None
      2. Label per Family : Select appropriate
      3. Label per Individual : Select appropriate
      4. Label Text Options : Select appropriate
    2. Second Window
      1. Format Options :
        1. Uncheck Include Carrier Route
        2. Check other options if desired
      2. If Children Only : Select if appropriate
      3. Label Options:
        1. Check Envelope#
        2. Uncheck Barcode and Phone #
      4. Click Next
    3. Third Window
      1. Search Criteria:
        1. Select appropriate
        2. Click Next
    4. Fourth Window
      1. Sort Options:
        1. Select appropriate (Name or Envelope #)
        2. Click Next
    5. Fifth Window
      1. Output Options:
        1. Output Destination
          1. Select Export To: AND Delimited With Comma
          2. Click Run
    6. File Save Window
      1. In the File Name box, enter A:\filename, where filename is your Monthly mailing number. This will create the export file on a floppy diskette.

      2. If you do not specify the floppy drive as above, Logos II will create the file in the C:\Logoswin\Logos\Export directory.