Church Windows Software Export Envelope File

For additional assistance, please contact Church Windows Technical Support.

File Export Steps

  1. Open Church Windows
  2. Select Membership
  3. Select Reports
  4. Select Lists/Labels
  5. This opens a series of setup windows. Check appropriate settings in each window and click Next . Below are suggested settings.
    1. Report/Label Selection Window
      1. If you have already performed through Step 5.b.i.3, select Active from the Saved Selections box, click Next , and proceed to Step 5.b.
      2. Select Member File
      3. Select one of the following: All Persons, All Members , or All Households
      4. You may limit the list to certain members in the Select From Following Fields section (i.e., set Status, Equal To, Full Member)
        1. Set additional limitations by selecting limitations, then click And
      5. Click Next
    2. Confirm Selection Window
      1. Sort By options:
        1. Set Sort By to Envelope # or Name
        2. Enter Active in the Save As field
        3. Click Next
    3. Report Format Window
      1. Check Mail Merge/Export
        1. If you have already performed through Step 5.c.i.1.e, select NCS from the Mail Merge/Export name and proceed to step 5.c.ii, otherwise click New (this section is a one-time operation)
          1. Enter a Title of NCS
          2. Enter a File Name of A:\filename.CSV where filename is your Monthly Mailing Number.
          3. Set Separate Fields With to Comma
          4. Leave Separate Records With as the default ( {13}{10} )
          5. In Select From Following , highlight each of the following and click Add : Envelope #, Mailing Label, Address 1, Address 2, City State , Zip Code
      2. Click Next
      3. Click Close to close the Merge/Export preview window
      4. Click Cancel to close the Report Format window