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Monthly Mailing Program

Offering envelope mailing programs allow you to remind membership of the importance of tithing on a regular, predetermined basis. Other communication pieces can be added such as contribution statements, newsletters, and reply envelopes. Research has shown that churches see an increase in giving from 10% to 30% when they switch to a mailing program from a more traditional approach for envelope distribution.

You save time and energy because we handle everything. All you do is keep the mailing list updated via our mailing service concierge throughout the year, and we take it from there. And you and your staff get to focus on other aspects of your ministry.

Please call the customer support number (found at the top of the page) to begin setting up your own Monthly Mailing service to your congregation!

For more information, please feel free to call 844.247.6385 or click the "Chat now" button below to speak with a representative.